Saurabh Srivastava


• Android Framework (AOSP) Architecture

• Android Location Stack

• Android App Dev

• Positioning Technologies

• IoT Architecture

• ThreadX/FreeRTOS IoT RTOS

• TCP/IP Stack

• Voice over WIFI Telephony Stack

• WIFI ALG (App Level Gateway) for SIP/RTSP protocols

• IP Header Compression

• C/C++

• C#

• Java

• Python

• Rust

• Javascript


• Blazor .NET WebAssembly PWA

• Angular

• Vue


• Firebase

• Sqlite

• Mentoring Junior Devs

• Leading system design

• Clear and concise communication

Experience - Qualcomm (2009-present) (13.2 years) (Staff Engineer - since 2020)

Android Location Stack Development (2016-present)

• Joined the Android team during the Android 8 (Oreo) upgrade.

• Designed and Implemented Location stack for Project Treble, which brought in major Architecture update with the system vendor split.

• Develop and support new Google-requested location features with every Android upgrade.

• Own and support the Location Vendor AIDL interface (IGnss) commercialization for India driven chipsets.

• Designed and Implemented Precise Positioning feature over a Qualcomm SDK meant to deliver premium features to Third Party Android App developers.

• Support any location module failures on CTS/VTS validation suites.

• Enhance and support Android Location SDK which enables chipset OEMs to exercise Qualcomm Location module capabilities.

• Updated Location module build system from mk to bp build files to adapt to Android's new Soong build system.

• Guide and train customer engineering teams and occasionally meet with customers on critical location issues.

• Work with various Android tech teams for location features, especially Data, Telephony, and Core teams.

• Mentor and guide couple of junior developers across different feature implementations.

• Mentored several interns for implementing a variety of tools to enhance developer productivity.

ThreadX (IoT) Location Stack Development (2016-present)

• Designed and implemented the complete location stack on ThreadX RTOS for our IoT platform.

• Designed and developed a Reference Application for IoT OEMs to demonstrate the concurrent use of GNSS and Data.

• Enhanced IoT platform time management by developing a mechanism for NTP download and injection.

• Designed and implemented the location stack API for use in a cloud based IoT positioning system.

• Technically led a team of couple of junior developers to support development and commercialization on IoT platforms.

• Plan and manage timelines and resources for location feature dev and support for several IoT platforms concurrently.

ALG Development and Voice over WIFI (2012-2016)

• Designed and developed ALG (Application Level Gateway) implementation for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for Qualcomm WIFI router platforms.

• Designed and developed ALG implementation for RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

• Implemented enhancements and supported commercialization for VoWIFI (Voice over WIFI) module by enabling secure IP path from IMS module to VoWIFI servers.

TCP/IP Stack and IP Header Compression (2009-2015)

• Enhanced and maintained the TCP/IP stack on Qualcomm Modem platforms.

• Implemented and maintained several Header Compression protocols such as CRTP (Compressed Real-Time Transport Protocol), RoHC (Robust Header Compression), and IPHC (IP Header Compression).

Education - B.Tech (Information and Communication Technology) (DA-IICT) (2005-2009)

• Won several coding contests

• Maze traversal robot

• Library management system for an NGO

• College Election Portal