Saurabh Srivastava

S K I L L S - AND - W O R K


• Android Framework (AOSP) Architecture

• Android Location Stack

• Android App Dev

• Positioning Technologies

• IoT Architecture

• ThreadX/FreeRTOS IoT RTOS

• TCP/IP Stack

• Voice over WIFI Telephony Stack

• WIFI ALG (App Level Gateway) for SIP/RTSP protocols

• IP Header Compression

• C/C++

• C#

• Java

• Python

• Rust

• Javascript

• Blazor .NET WebAssembly PWA

• Angular

• Vue


• Firebase

• Sqlite

• Tailwind CSS

Work - Android Framework

• Staff Engineer in Qualcomm Android and IoT team, handling design and development of new Android Location features coming in with the annual Android version upgrade.

• Experience with core Android concepts, how the Android framework is designed, and how the Android System integrates with the hardware vendor modules.

• Expertise handling the System Vendor interface interaction, with the architecture brought in with Android Project Treble.

• Expertise in designing and developing Android SDKs to expose core platform features for use from Third Party or System Android Applications.

• Experience mentoring and leading junior developers through a large project lifecycle.

Work - Android App Dev

• Experience developing several Android applications for internal use across a variety of projects.

• Expertise managing requirements from different test teams on such Test Android applications, supporting validations across different projects.

Work - IoT

• Expertise in complete Location Stack on the ThreadX RTOS (Real Time Operating System), which is used in several low cost IOT solutions.

• Expertise designing and developing master applications for the IoT platforms, which control the complete device behavior in terms of capturing sensor/location data and updating the same on cloud, in a power efficient manner.

• Expertise writing efficient code, both in terms of space and time complexity, acquired especially working on low memory and power scarce IOT platforms.

Work - Application Level Gateway

• Experience designing and developing ALGs (Application Level Gateways) for several protocols.

• ALGs are part of WIFI platforms where certain application layer payloads need to be updated to enable seamless NAT traversal.

• Experience with SIP/SDP (Session Initiation Protocol / Session Description Protocol) and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) networking protocols.

Work - TCP/IP Stack

• Expertise with Networking Protocol Stack, especially focusing on TCP/IP and HTTP.

• Experience with enhancing and maintaining the TCP/IP stack on embedded systems.

S I D E - P R O J E C T S


• App to control the YouTube playback on a remote device. Meant to supervise the YouTube screen time for kids, to give some peace of mind to parents.

• Built with Blazor as a Progressive Web App, on top of Firebase and YouTube embedded player.

• Work in progress, enhancements like creating playlists, and recording stats under progress.

B L A Z O R U T I L S . F I R E B A S E

• Blazor library to wrap the Javascript Firebase library, and provide a C# interface to Firebase for Blazor PWA or Blazor Server development.

• Enables several other Blazor projects to kickstart Firebase usage with simple C# APIs.

• Brings the full power of various Firebase modules to Blazor.

M O M E N T O S . F A C E S

• A Python Docker image with MediaPipe and Face_Recognition libraries.

• This project is just getting off the ground. Once ready, it is meant to enable simple access to MediaPipe and Face_Recognition python libraries to categorize local user photos and videos.